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    Tips to save on first set

    Those should work great for you. They're a lot better than the mix match 60s blades I started with. Lol
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    Best tips for beginners?

    Fwiw I've been learning the JVGA swing (Jim Venetos) for the past year and a half. It's given me a ton of consistency, which I never had before. It was instantly better for wedges and short irons, but it's taken a while for the longer clubs, especially 3w and driver. Those are getting really...
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    What 3 Woods Are You All Using Today?

    I'm in between 3 woods myself right now. I'm using my old f7 until I figure something out. 3w is the least used club in my bag, so I have time to try a bunch.
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    Ping G425 Driver

    The 425 is good. I ended up with a TSI 3, after fitting and much testing.
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    Hi Shark!
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    The Banter Thread

    TT does not work.
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    What did you shoot today?

    Thanks, it been a few years.
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    What did you shoot today?

    39/40 1 eagle, no birdies. Still too many missed putts. First round in a couple of weeks.
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    What golf stuff did you do today?

    Got in 8 and 3/4 holes before the rain and lightning started. WTH?
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    The Banter Thread

    Did everyone leave due to TDS?
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    The Banter Thread

    Even fewer actually play golf.
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    The Banter Thread

    There's only a few of us left, I guess.
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    What did you shoot today?

    Another 41 yesterday. Went even par the first 4 holes, and then bogied the next 5. I was playing pretty well though. I even hit one drive 295, I don't know where that came from, I wasn't trying to mash it, it must have just caught the down slope rolled out. Little miscues kept it from being a...
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    2020 US Open - They said it couldn't be done.

    Bryson "Hold my Orgain" Great win for Bryson. I think we might have witnessed a changing of the guard.