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    Ben's To Do List

    Site is really dead. Any chance of getting Tapatalk working agin to try and get the site more active? Phone works but navigating around between threads and forums is much better on Tapatalk.
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    The Banter Thread

    I really don't know but he has really hindered our 2% golf talk down to 0%. Should rename the site to "noonetalkinggolf".
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    The Banter Thread

    I agree. So confusing why one would take over to cripple the site unless it was some kind of FU just cuz he could. And to help "boost" another golf site.
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    The Banter Thread

    Boing But the site is un-boing now :(
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    The Banter Thread

    Stinks TT still not supported. Difficult to participate. Mobile browser not the same experience for me.
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    What golf stuff did you do today?

    Didn't play golf at all in 2020. Hoping I take my clubs out of quarantine in 2021. I'm hoping the vaccine will CRSPR me and give me golf super powers.....or maybe just give me the YUGE dong I've always wanted.
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    Electronics Pondering with TC

    Switched to an iPhone. Not really impressed and still don't get why the iSheeps say it's so great but it's what makes the lady and kids happy. Also got a TT, tube phone pre-amp, and NOS tubes during the pademic. Been listening and buying a lot of vinyl.
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    The Banter Thread

    Happy New Ears. Thanks for all you do russs in keeping us entertained.
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    The Donald - sponsored by Jdog

    This election is really revealing who are the weak minded folks. Crazy how so many believe MSM on what they are told. Also crazy how much hate ppl have towards Trump that they don't care who goes in office as long as it's not Trump. I have a friend living in AZ and she says her vote is still...
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    Eracing with RickyBobbyEarnhardtLit

    You sir are a winner and Ben will never know it.
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    Ben's To Do List

    That's not good. My weekly post count will non-existent then. I check GTG on phone after work. I don't use my computer since I'm on a computer all day.
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    Ben's To Do List

    Tapatalk doesn't work anymore.
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    The Banter Thread

    Seems this new upgrade is not Tapatalk compatible or supported anymore. I haven't seen updates in about a 5 days and today it dropped off.
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    Talking about Balls

    Those were the SuperTurds. Chrome Soft has been solid Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Food with Esox

    President Gasman How far are you from X’tiosu and have you tried it yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk