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    Adult Juice by Summerlay Wire

    This where Wire wiill give the [emoji1417] or [emoji107] on the adult juice you will have your meal, while cleaning the house or sitting by pool. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    ECIM 2017 - VR Boing!

    This year Esox Chicago Invitational Memorial was blessed with some nice fall weather. Bald decided to decline this year's invitation because he is already pussy whipped after getting engaged. Day 1- Schaumburg Golf Club This course has come a long way condition wise from what I remember it...
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    2017 Nike Air Max

    I'd game these. Really curious how these will compare to the Boost in terms of "pillow" comfort. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
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    Chicago Invitational 2017 - Who's Your Daddy

    2x Defending Champ: butters When: Summer 2017 Where: Chicago As an early teaser to this years Invitational theme (Who's Your Daddy), this will be main event on opening night. No other golf forum event has even done this #innovateordie The Facebook embed #whosyourdaddy #sponsoredbyPreperationH...
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    Esox Chicago Invitational Memorial

    Formerly known as the Chicago Invitational. This year it will be held at the Whisper Creek Golf Course. They have golf boards here so we will see if we can ride on some today. Wake up butters and Bald! Time for some golf. Stay tuned.....
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    The Swayz

    Johnny never put Baby in the corner. Darry, the leader of the Greasers. Jed who led the Wolverines and took down the commies. Bodhi who got Utah addicted to the rush of thievery. Sutton who shaved Youngblood's sac. Dalton, enough said. BAMF! Happy Birthday to Patrick Swayze.
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    June 6/22 NPD - Boing!!

    Friendly reminder to have this discussion at dinner tonight with your ol' lady.
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    Pro Tracer - How it works

    With all this Pro Tracer talk in The Us Open thread that DJ almost got denied by USGA, some may jaunder how does Pro Tracer actually work. From their website ( Behind the scenes on how it is captured What we see on TV While browsing...
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    Bombtech 2016 Wedges

    There are 3 of us (butters, belbs, muself) that bought this wedge set using our own $ so our reviews should be unbiased. We will call it as it is. Our site doesn't get any equipment to test since our golf content only makes up 2% of the site due to all our farts, boing, and bh jokes. I...
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    Champions Tour

    Luol dang it, I'm getting old. JD makes his debut this week. He shot - 2 yesterday. With his distance and being his rookie year. , he should dominate like all rookies from the PGA normally do. What makes me feel even older is the leaderboard looks like it did when I was growing up. So...
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    The Ball Debate

    Was channel surfing this morning and stopped to watch Colin Montgomery talk about driving. He mentioned that today's balls do no curve as much as they used to. The balls these days just want to go straight. He said he will aim at the left side and there is a possibility it will not come...
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    Esox Cup 2017

    I forget if we have a thread but figure I'd start (another) juan. I remember Esox talking aboot this course as RRC destination and think it would be a BAMF course for the EC2017 inauguration at Sand Valley.' I believe this is the same guy that designed...
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    NFL Cheerleader Bracket

    I think this got lost on the other site. I found our winner. Lock it up!
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    Chicago Invitational 2016 Qualifier

    This year's qualifier was held at The Brute (Grand Geneva Resort) in Lake Geneva, WI where the course is known to be "A True Test of Championship Golf". Only 2 people will advance to the main event, The Chicago Invitation (location TBD). The course's motto really intimidated the field this...
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    SuperBAMFElite Driver(Titleist C16)

    Ive been reading and got an email confirming that Titleist is coming out with a new C model driver that will cost 1k. It's suppose to compete with PGX in the line of esoteric clubs. Havent found pics but am curious what it looks like and the tech behind it. I feel this should be our 7x...
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    Ideal Launch to Spin ratio

    With all this low spin tech in the latest drivers, it's pretty common to see ppl hit sub 2k spin. Sometimes in the 1500's. I've been seeing people post their numbers with same launch at 10-13* but with spin dropping from 2200-2500 to sub 2k when comparing to their current gamer. According...
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    King LTD

    I hit the King LTD Pro yesterday. That was toooooo low spin for me. Will need to try the non pro version. This driver is on my list along with the TM M's and Titleist 915. I keep reading the King is more forgiving than the M1 and slightly longer. I'm not after the 5yds but I do want to...
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    Staying Positive

    Found this interesting write up. Things to focus on the course to help shoot lower. I like the apples to apples advice.
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    Jessica Jones - Spoilers

    Just released on the Netflix on Friday starred by the daughter of Jack Tripper, Kristin Ritter. She's a drinker. Opening scene very HBO Zone but needs to be more Skinamax like. Did get my attention pretty quick though. Favorite line so far, "2 minutes on the tread mill, 20 minutes on a...
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    Press Conference of the SomeTim 2016 NC Qualifier

    Post your questions here. Emotional videoes are welcomed.