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    Weirdo randoms.

    ever get paired with a weird person on the course? Today I played with a couple of buddies from out of town. We got paired with a random walker. Two buddies shared a cart because they trunk slammed and got to the course in the same car. This random was strange af. Dude made a bunch of crazy...
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    Do you have your own channel? Who’s your favorite channel to follow?
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    I used to be addicted to twitter and even had replies from sorta famous people but recently it's gotten boring. I'm totally addicted to Instagram and even gasman is on it so it has to be elite. Who's on it? Who do you follow? Any good ones?
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    Charity tournament northern Virginia

    So my brother organizes an annual charity tournament at pleasant valley golf club in chantilly Virginia. It's Friday may 19th. If anyone's interested let me know. As soon as the website is open for registration I'll let you guys know. It's not an elite course but...
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    World Long Drive

    did anyone watch this? Dude hit it off the grid
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    How do you prep to play a new course?

    I thought there was a thread about this but maybe it was on the other bp/gtg. How do you play a course you've never been to? Hit and hope? Buy a yardage book if they even have one? Research online? Some courses are more newbie friendly where you can see landing spots and trouble. Others are...
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    Disney World!

    Wtf is there to do there for adults with no kids? I got roped into a family reunion/Disney vacay for Christmas through New Years. Both of my brothers have kids so they'll obviously be doing kids crap. I'm gonna be as far from that scene as possible but I have park passes that I don't want to...
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    Russs battles the turd swing

    I really need to book lessons this winter with my coach it's been way too long. Too much play and zero practice keeps me from improving. Even with a turd swing I've shot a few rounds in the 70's but that's due to a short game that's on fire that day. If the short game sucks then I'm in deep...
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    Lamar odom found unresponsive at bunny ranch

    Those Kardashian girls drive men out of their minds. And not in a good way
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    Happy independent murica day

    Hope everyone is playing as much golf and eating as much bbq as possible
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    its october and im gonna watch as many horror movies as possible
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    dick pics anyone?

    hi. im nekkid