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  1. runpuddrun

    Pudd's climb back to mediocrity

    So my swing is just a steaming pile of sh!t right now. Miss left and right, apparently I'm moving my feet during my swing, even lifting my back foot, wtf. My weight seems to be on my heels and I'm coming up on the downswing and lifting my head, swinging across my body. Basically I'm all over the...
  2. runpuddrun

    Pudd's Wishon Fan Club

    It's been a while. Here's what I have now but in a week it'll be vastly different. Driver - 2012 11* Wishon 919thi w/saga @44" FW - 18* Wishon 949mc Hybrid - 24* Wishon 775hs Irons - Wishon 771csi irons 5-AW Wedges - Wishon 55* PCF Micro Callaway Mack Daddy 2 PM Putter - Seemore FGP Sent...
  3. runpuddrun

    KBS $ Taper

    Anyone have any experience with these? I was fit into the tour v today but the weight on them is weird, balance point is different and makes all clubs like DO, thinking about the #Taper or the C Taper lites. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Hi Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    FS: Ping G30 9*

    Ping G30 9* R65 shaft, never used Used for maybe 5 rounds total Headcover Wrench Based on sale threads and eBay prices most are going for over 200. I'll basically take anything 200 and over. Add'l pics if you want. I
  6. runpuddrun

    Important Announcement!

    I'm starting to feel better, but there's no timetable for when I might start to feel great, or even fantastic. I'll keep this thread updated.
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    Who's in it to win it?
  8. runpuddrun

    The world is ending, what do you do first?

    This is for Ken to pass Judgement on others answers.
  9. runpuddrun

    FS: Ping G30 LST, 9*

    Ping G30 LST 9* Tour regular shaft $320 shipped In great shape, just not for me.
  10. runpuddrun

    Pudd's Wishon journey

    As many of you already know, I'm smitten with Tom Wishons designs. I'm going all in this year after bouncing around different OEMs the past few years. This will be my bag for the year Wishon 919thi black driver - 10.5*, 1* open, Wishon s2s red shaft Wishon 949MC FW, 17*, square - Wishon s2s red...
  11. runpuddrun

    Lawn Equipment

    We had a lengthy convo about this earlier today and I just bought what to me was a darn sweet mower and trimmer.
  12. runpuddrun

    Game of Thrones (spoilers ahead)

    This show deserves it's own thread. Found this awesome infographic today on every single death
  13. runpuddrun

    Rory & tiger Commercial - Ripple

  14. runpuddrun

    Happy Easter GTG

    We all have different reason to celebrate today. Have fun and enjoy the time with your families.
  15. runpuddrun

    MLB 2014 Playoffs

    Here's a pic to start it off.