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  1. bobgeorge

    What 3 Woods Are You All Using Today?

    I ended up buying like new Callaway Epic 3+ off the Callaway Preowned site in the toward the end of August. I like how it played through the end of golf season. It will probably be in the bag for a long time.
  2. bobgeorge

    Ping G425 Driver

    So far so good with the 425 Max. Finding about 60% of fairways. Bad shots are because of my swing :oops:
  3. bobgeorge

    What 3 Woods Are You All Using Today?

    The head of my Taylormade Aeroburner mini-driver broke off last weekend so I need a new 3-Wood. I used that club for about 5-6 years. Any recommendations on a new 3-Wood?
  4. bobgeorge

    Ping G425 Driver

    Anyone checked out this driver? I just bought a 9 degree head last week and put it on my Accra shaft. I am moving from a G400 so I am familiar with Ping. After a few range sessions I tuned it 10 degrees flat and it seems to be working good. I won't be able to tell much difference until I...
  5. bobgeorge

    Drone Video of my Home Course

    I recently bought a DJI Mavic Air 2 and this is my 1st attempt at doing a video. It is of my home course in Kentucky.
  6. bobgeorge

    2019 NFL Opening Weekend!

    Any super bowl predictions.....I will go with a long shot & say the Chiefs will repeat!
  7. bobgeorge

    The Banter Thread

    I got in a fair amount of golf this year too...probably about 25 rounds or so. Got my handicap down to 14 which is pretty good for me.
  8. bobgeorge

    L.A.B Putters

    Nice podcast on L.A.B putters from the Morning Read. I am still love playing mine this season.
  9. bobgeorge

    U.S. Amateur title at Bandon Dunes

    It was cool to watch the U.S. Amateur at Bandon Dunes this weekend. It was interesting to see the fog move in and the weather/temperature changes. After struggling for the previous two holes, Tyler Strafaci hit a clutch shot into the green on the 36th hole.
  10. bobgeorge

    Method for reading greens?

    I took an Aimpoint Express course 5-6 years ago. It does work if you practice it.
  11. bobgeorge

    Golf Porn

    Beautiful course!
  12. bobgeorge

    Masters' Tickets

    Congrats Jlit! I have applied for the Masters ticket lottery for probably 20 years & never been selected.
  13. bobgeorge

    L.A.B Putters

    I took it out to the green today for about 15 mins. I just wanted to get a feel for it on a green vs my carpet. My 'lean' I mean the press forward it built in. I did an online fitting so my lie angle is 73 degrees. I think press forward is based on how the shaft is goes into the putter. I also...
  14. bobgeorge

    L.A.B Putters

    Fellas, I picked up a Directed Force 2.1 putter just recently. I haven't had it on the course or putting green yet due to the weather. I have putted on the carpet a little is an interesting how the lean is built in. It is ugly...but hopefully it helps me improve my putting. Anyone...
  15. bobgeorge

    What golf stuff are you pondering?

    Next time I go to a golf store I want to try out a L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 putter. Anyone ever tried one?
  16. bobgeorge

    Bandon Dune - Sheep Ranch

    I see where they are building an actual course at Sheep Ranch. Gasman - You remember when we played there like 5 years ago :D
  17. bobgeorge

    Heresy Post

    New and shiny golf equipment is fun....but I think it is better to just find equipment you like that works for you and stick to it. I can spend my $$$ on other things I like more :)
  18. bobgeorge

    Heresy Post

    Been a slow golf year for me so far...only about 4 rounds since March...but one thing I have learned is golf is about enjoying your time on the course and playing the best golf with the equipment you have. I haven't bought any equipment in about a year...G400 driver was my last purchase I...
  19. bobgeorge

    2017 Ping G400

    I haven't played much golf this year but got out on Father's Day with the G400. It is still probably one of the best drivers I have ever owned. Not leaving my bag anytime soon :)
  20. bobgeorge

    G400 Max Driver

    I am sure the G400 Max driver is nice....but I bought the regular G400 last year & don't feel like least not today ;)