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12 days in and up to 3 wins in 38 races, 23 Top 5s, and led 7% of the laps I’ve ran. 2 legends and 1 Cup victory so far. Advanced from Rookie to D in the first 3 days, and now to C license as of last night. A is the highest class without you become one of top rated drivers A class drivers and get invited to the Pro class. I’m strong in Legends, Late Model, and Cup, and suck ass at Street Stock. Just unlocked some truck series with my promotion last night so I’m about to dominate there for a bit.

Rubbin’ is racin’


I’m officially all in on this sim racing. What’s golf?! Spent another set of Mavrik irons and Mavrik driver on triple monitors, a stand, and new pedals this week. Just a set of Apex and a couple SM8s away from being complete when I order my new wheel and rig later this summer.

Gonna look something like this

Rubbin’ is racin’
Got dang just buy a fast furious car and race pink slips