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I picked up a Directed Force 2.1 putter just recently. I haven't had it on the course or putting green yet due to the weather. I have putted on the carpet a little bit....it is an interesting how the lean is built in.

It is ugly...but hopefully it helps me improve my putting.

Anyone else tried one?


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Never heard of this. Post a pic of the one you got. Curious what you mean by lean built-in.

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I took it out to the green today for about 15 mins. I just wanted to get a feel for it on a green vs my carpet.

My 'lean' I mean the press forward it built in. I did an online fitting so my lie angle is 73 degrees. I think press forward is based on how the shaft is goes into the putter. I also think it has to due with how the putter grip is off-center. Check out the grip.

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