Reed's 2017 GCAM Tour Season - The Quest For Gasmanafornia


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Finally got signed up for this dealy. This will be my thread for hanging 100's and missing every fairway. This is my first venture into competitive golf, so I am kind of excited and very nervous at the same time. No idea what to expect out there. Currently sitting at a 13.2 handicap, so I will be in the Sarazen Flight.

My first tournament will be the Missouri State Championship on October 15th at Old Kinderhook in Lake Ozark, MO. I haven't ever played here, so I am hoping to get in a round between now and then. From what I know, it's a fantastic course.

I am considering playing the Sagamore Open in Indianapolis at Sagamore Golf Club a couple days later, just to get some competitive rounds under my belt before the snow starts flying. But, work and whether we are still at it will kind of dictate that decision. We'll see.

I added a couple of y'all to my friends list on there to keep up with how y'all are doing and where you're playing. Hopefully, some of us or all of us can get in on a major or the national championship. That'd be the tits.

Tournament Schedule -

October 15th - MO State Championship at Old Kinderhook (4th - 99)

October 17th - The Sagamore Open at The Sagamore Golf Club - Indianapolis Tour (T3 - 101)

March 26th - The Palmer Memorial at Spencer T. Olin (3rd - 94)

April 9th - Annbriar Classic at Annbriar Golf Club (T5 - 96)

April 22nd - The Battle on Branson Hills at Branson Hills Golf Club - Arkansas Tour (5th - 98)

Moved to Jones Flight

May 7th - Wood River Open at Wood River Golf Club (7th - 99)

May 21st - Return of the Falcon at Falcon Ridge Golf Club - Kansas City Tour (2nd - 90)

July 15th - KC vs Minnesota Championship at Tournament Club of Iowa - Kansas City Tour (1st - 90)

July 17th - Winghaven Masters at Winghaven Country Club (1st - 83)

Season Stats - Thru Winghaven Masters

Fairway % - 34%
GIR % - 25%
Putts Per Round - 33.6

Currently 1st in Jones Flight with 715 Race to Nationals Points
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Added you and Jlit to my list. With the new kiddo coming I am trying to balance out golf. I may trade Tuesday night league for more tourneys on the weekend. Especially at this age.