Taylormade P770/P750 Irons

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Taylormade has been testing a proto forged iron for months with several Tour Pros and has finally released information on the models that will be available at retail today. They are the P770 and P750 irons. If you're confused about the names then that makes two of us.

This set will have a slightly more compact head design and have been tested by Jason Day and Justin Rose. These are an iron for the purist - thin topline, narrow sole, little to no offset, and a sharp leading edge giving players ultimate control over their shots.


These irons will maintain a Tour iron appearance but in a larger, multi-piece head that generates more distance, height and forgiveness for the non-Tour player.


These will hit retail on March 17th and will retail for (hold on to your butts) $1200 for the P770 and $1600 for the P750 models. Yeah, you read that right.

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I think these are some of the best looking TM irons in a while but there is absolutely zero effing chance I touch these for those prices.

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Like how they look but I feel all these OEM's have been spending too much time with Parsons with these stupid prices. I'll wait for them to come out on eBay in a few months for $350.

If these prices keeps up, F all of them and I'll just buy JDM.
I'm with you. This path these guys are going down to compete with PXG is not sustainable. In fact, seeing Taylormade and now Bridgestone price sets well over $1000 this week makes me believe they are going to do more damage to the equipment industry than good. I have to wonder if consumers will just say "I can hang on to what I've got for another year or two" and walk away from the equipment market entirely in 2017.

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I browsed the Hucksters thread about these irons today. Hilarious to see them jumping on the Taylormade D all of the sudden and defending the price point on these as if they are "normal".

Titleist has always been up in that region because that's just how they position themselves - as an elite equipment manufacturer. Not saying it's right or warranted for what you get..just is what it is. TM, Callaway, Mizuno, Srixon, etc. have all been under $1K until Callaway pushed the Apex line over that mark. Frankly, nothing about the Apex irons warrants that kind of price tag either...and I had a set of the 2014 model.

Now comes along Bridgestone and Taylormade pushing the price tag even further and it just seems insane to me. There are guys making forged irons for under $1K so what makes these TM irons so special? Not a single thing IMO.


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Agreed BH. JDM market has always been pricey (just take a look at Tour Spec Golf to see what I mean) but for TMag to be pushing $1,600 irons is over the top. We are already seeing irons at $1,600 + AUD here in Australia due to our crappy exchange rate with the USD, these new TMag irons are going to be over $2,000 AUD!

I feel for the retailers who have to keep a straight face when trying to sell these products at, what are clearly just price gouging prices. Give it up manufacturers, you will just drive the average golfer to stop shopping new gear.

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There were iron sets released in the 90s around these price points. It's not a first. But then I get lambasted every time I point that out, because someone pointed it out at another site one time.